We Saved McGrath!

Thanks for celebrating with us on June 30th!

BIG thanks are due to all of our partners, sponsors, donors, and volunteers! 

The full list can be found here.

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Schedule of Events – Friday, June 29th

Events on this schedule are subject to change; please see map below for locations of the various activities.

Location, Time


9:00 am




CF, 7:00 pm







S’mores and campfire program



Check-in starts first thing in the morning; come on in, set up your campsite, and enjoy the park!


Join us for a special program and a classic camping treat!  Girl Scouts from Troop 968 will be preparing s’mores in our campfire center. Then we will have an awesome campfire program designed to help you gain a new appreciation of the creatures of the night.

Schedule of Events – Saturday, June 30th

Events on this schedule are subject to change; please see map below for locations of the various activities.

Location, Time

GC, 10:00 am





GC, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm




NT, 11:00 am




B, 11:00 am




GC, 12:00 pm




F1, 1:00-3:00 pm






GZ, 2:00 pm



F2, 4:00 pm






NT, 7:45 pm





CF, 8:00 pm





Chumash blessing, event kickoff





Shopping & silent auction open




Tracking hike with Ranger Jelly




Public safety demo




Barbecue to benefit the Parks




Rabbit stick hunting &

gathering program





Junior Ranger program



Drum circle






Sunset photography workshop





Campfire program






Please join us as we kick off our celebration! Starting with a Chumash blessing, featured speakers will talk about the significance of McGrath State Beach and the effort to save the park.


Support Friends of Channel Coast State Parks and educational programs in the parks. Browse through unique park experiences, community adventures, and merchandise.


There are many different kinds of animals that call McGrath home. You can find tracks and traces of many of them, and begin to understand their story. This is an easy walk over even ground.


Watch our lifeguards spring into action, partnering with the harbor patrol to demonstrate a “save” of an ocean-goer in trouble.


Join us for a delicious tri-tip barbecue.  Bring your family and meet your camping neighbors.  Tickets for the barbecue can be pre-purchased online or at the park, starting 6/30.


Learn how native craftsmen in the pre-industrial age tended, harvested, and shaped special tools called rabbit sticks, which were then used for hunting rabbits and other small game.Try your hand at rabbit stick throwing, and try some rabbit meat for yourself.


Aimed at kids age 7-12, these activities help park visitors connect with nature and have fun!


John Lacques from Drumtime will lead a facilitated drum circle.  His philosophy is that drumming is “a very direct and powerful way to connect mind, body and spirit, invigorating a person with their own life force.  And anyone can do it!”


Victoria Borjesson has a thing for photographing sunsets.  Notoriously tricky to photograph, sunsets are also rewarding, once you know the basic tricks for capturing them.  Learn how to utilize your camera in this pursuit.


Close the celebration by joining together in the campfire center.  We will be screening “The First 70,” which is “a journey through California to visit the 70 majestic state parks slated to close, and meet the people who treasure them.”




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